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Charita in the pond

1997 14.1h Bay AQHA mare
AQHA #4472855

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Charita is a cool mare. I bought her from a wonderful, long time breeder in Arkansas; CL Collins of the 22 Ranch. She represents many generations of his breeding program and has been a delight to own and a hoot to have in the herd. Her personality is very unique and she is a lot of fun to be around. I bought her specifically as a cross for Cracker way back when I was building a mare band for him and boy! I have not been disappointed! She has had several foals for me and every one has been talented, cowy and beautifully built.


Charita's pedigree is a good, solid, cowhorse dynasty. She has proven to be a great cross not only with Cracker, but with several different stallions I have chosen over the years. She consistently throws her huge hip, athleticism, intelligence and natural desire to hunt a cow.



Take a peek at Charita's pedigree and see what you think!

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Charita Dolly Aust N Duke Roc Bar Aust Docs Poco Bar Doc Bar Lightning Bar
Dandy Doll
Poco Gata Poco Bueno
Lady Bee Pep
Roxana Bar Magnolia Bar Three Bars
Lassies Dream
Miss Rock 93 Blue Rock
Gold Scooter
Bar C Duchess Doc Docs Prescription Doc Bar Lightning Bar
Dandy Doll
Jameen Tivio Poco Tivio
Taco Princess Taco Bar Parkers Trouble
Susie Lewis L
Hannas Princess El Rey H
Miss Freckles
Muchacharita Docs Muchacho Doc Quixote Doc Bar Lightnight Bar
Dandy Doll
Magnolia Gal Bulls Eye
Sporty Gal
Maguey Girl Les Glo King Glo
Adre Red Rattler
Miss Harrison
Miss Misty Mac Winken Hi Winken Wayne Spotted Bull
Comical Sue
Hijo Joe Lady Hijo Joe
Shag Lady
Miss Pretty Boy Perrys Champ Poco Champ
Tiny Brown
Pretty Susan Chubby Mac
Pretty Burney
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